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Dräger PAC 7000 Single-gas Detector (Phosphine) – 8318974

Dräger Pac® 7000

Safety in the workplace always takes top priority. The Dräger Pac 7000 provides a reliable warning against dangerous concentrations of 12 different gases depending on the sensor selection. Another unique option to the device is its five-year warranty for the H2S, O2 and CO versions.

This one will have a PH3 (phosphine) sensor installed.  Great low cost option for single gas detection.

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Dräger X-AM 5000 Gas Detector with Phosphine – 8320000

Dräger X-AM® 5000 Personal Monitor

The smallest 5 gas detector available worldwide! Its compact and ergonomic design make the Dräger X-AM 5000 the ideal companion for personal protection.

It will come with an LEL, O2, Dual CO/H2S, PH3 (phosphine), filter, NiMH battery, and charger.  Small, light, tough as nails. This is the confined space entry monitor you want.


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