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Dräger Full Face Respirator X-PLORE 6300 – EPDM R55800

Double and triple safety. The Dräger X-plore® 6300 meets stringent requirements with regard to reliability, secure fit, and comfort. An economical full-face mask for professional use in industry.

This is THE full face respirator for high exposure use. Combine this with a Phosphine cartridge and you have a great system for protection during a fumigation.  As with any respiratory protection device, there are limits.  Use this as part of a comprehensive safety program that address your specific needs.  We also offer SCBAs if your exposure calls for it.

This is a great full face respirator with EDPM seals, replaceable visors, and serviceable parts.  If you need help with picking out what you need or have questions on respiratory protection, give us a call 800-527-8215.

A must-have accessory for this is the storage case.  You know that they will get thrown around everywhere, so protect your equipment. Check it out here.

Phosphine cartridges for this mask here.

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