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Duct Tape – PC595

What can you say? It’s a roll of duct tape. We use it for every fumigation that our crews go out on. We have tried so many brands, formulations and different kinds, you will just have to take our word for it. This is the best all around duct tape we can find that balances performance and price.

Sold by the case, 24 rolls per case. Each roll is 55 meters long. 36 cases per pallet, if you need that much give us a call. 800-527-8215

We can also get black duct tape if you need it.

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Equil Lambda 9.7CS

Equil Lambda 9.7 CS provides the same power and active ingredient as Demand CS, but is less expensive. Get excellent micro-encapsulated residual control (up to 60 days) for over 30 insect pests including bed bugs.

Equil Lambda features EnduraCap technology which protects the active ingredient in even the toughest environments, allowing Lambda 9.7 to continue killing pests long after you’ve sprayed. Plus, the advanced EnduraCap technology protects the active ingredient from heat and harsh UV rays when sprayed outdoors.

Equil Lambda 9.7 CS can be used indoors and outdoors in and around buildings and structures and on lawns, ornamental tress, and landscaped areas.

Sold in 1 quart bottles.

Product labels and SDS here.

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Equil Lambda 9.7cs, by the case – 100208956

Technology meets Affordability:

Lambda 9.7 CS is formulated with EnduraCap™ Technology to protect the active ingredient, lambda-cyhalothrin, even in the toughest conditions. The advanced EnduraCap Technology resists breakdown from heat and UV resulting in greater residual control and reducing callbacks vs other pyrethroid insecticides. The unique lipophilic capsules stick to insects’ waxy cuticle for quick knockdown and provide greater than 60 days residual control of more than thirty pests, even at extremely low use rates.

Key Benefits
– EnduraCap Microencapsulation Technology
– Quick knockdown and greater than 60 days residual control
– Resists breakdown by UV and high temperature
– Lipophilic capsules stick to insects’ waxy cuticle
– Broad Spectrum Residual Pest Control
– Controls more than 30 pests including nuisance pests, public health pests, wood destroying insects, pantry pests and more
– Key pests controlled: Ants, Cockroaches, Bedbugs, Litter beetles, Mosquitoes, Fleas, Ticks
– University research demonstrated superior control of mosquitoes and the quickest kill of bedbugs
– Flexible indoor and outdoor use
– Food handling areas
– Perimeter application allows flexible band width
– Power spray, crack & crevice, spot applications
– Low use rates, down to 0.015% dilution

Sold in cases of 12 x 8oz bottles.

Lambda9.7CS SpecLabel

Lambda9.7CS MSDS

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Lay Flat Tubing 24″ – 27-4-24

It’s really handy to move gases around.  Comes in rolls of 1050′.

Roll it out, put a fan or blower on the end and it inflates to a 24″ tube.

We use it to move fumigants from one place to another during a job. You could also use it for ventilating inside somewhere you don’t want to have a blower running.

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Prozap Insect Guard Bulk Packs (85 per case) – 5019530

ProZap kills flying and crawling insect pests. It works 24 hours a day for up to 4 months. No assembly is required, you just open the foil pouch and hang in an open area. The ProZap is effective against flies, mosquitoes, gnats, moths, spiders, cockroaches, silverfish, beetles, earwigs, and other pests.

Sold by the case, 85 per case.

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SEALZ-ALL Spray Glue

The SafetyQuip Company sells a custom-made, low-soak in, spray glue, SEALZ-ALL. This specially formulated SEALZ-ALL is for the professional fumigation industry and it adheres to all clean and dry surfaces and structures. This quick-drying, fast-tack formula is also heat resistant for temperatures over 100 degrees and cold resistant below 32 degrees for maximum adherence.

Until recently this has only been available to Inland Division customers. No order is too big or small. Try our SEALZ-ALL today!

Sold by the case, 12 x 14oz cans.

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